My recommended spots in Vancouver

Hi, everyone! This is Hikari

It’s for the first time to tell you something in English in my vlog, but I hope you guys can understand it easily and clearly 

Today’s topic is the recommended spots in Vancouver!

I have some spots that I really recommend to you and I want you to go there in someday

Let’s go  ▷▶︎▷

  1. Granville Island

 This place is used by a famous Korean group; twice in’s a music video, so for ONCE, it’s a really interesting place in Vancouver. What you can do in this spot is that once inside the building, you instantly feel the foreign atmosphere! There are a lot of shops in this building, such as fish, chicken, doughnuts and some sweets! That’s why you can enjoy it all day. This place is not only food but also goods for children, souvenirs or anything else. You can get some food for lunch and dinner, and also for your friend’s birthday presents!

2. Rec Room

 This place is where you can play a lot of kinds of games. You may be able to imagine this place as a Japanese “game center”. You can get some points whenever you play games, and finally, you can exchange them for an item. Is it exciting, isn’t it?

This spot is located in not in Vancouver, but you can use only one line of the train, so it’s easy to get there. As you know the price in Vancouver is so expensive, but this is not so expensive, hence you can easily go there many times when you’re free

3. Granville Street

 This street has a lot of restaurants and bars, however, I can say it’s also a dangerous street because there are a lot of homeless people who live there.  So, when you go there, you have to be careful to go through. However, there are a lot of kinds of restaurants and bars, that’s why you have a chance to meet new friends! Even not Japanese!

4. Grouse Mountain

 This mountain is located in North Vancouver, so you have to use the bus from Vancouver. Especially in winter, the people who like skiing and snowboarding can enjoy it a lot. In addition, in summer, we can go on hiking and see a wonderful view! So, you can enjoy all seasons! Last winter I went there many times to go snowboarding even on the last day of the year too. It’s so easy to get there and not too far, hence you can go whenever you want

 So, these are my favorite spots in Vancouver. And I hope you can enjoy a lot visiting this blog.

See you soon 🙂


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